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Science of Scratches

Science of Scratches

One of the many things that cause pain to a car owner, are scratches. Well, they are potentially bane to a brand new car. Scratches or any other sort of blemishes on a car’s surface be it a new one or old are enough to give the owner a minor heartbreak and as any driver knows, surface scratches plague the visual appearance of a car and make its paint finish look dull and neglected, and in some cases can cause the need for repainting. What most everyday drivers don’t know is that there is a science behind scratches, and removing them isn’t as easy as a simple wax or machine buff makes it look. Many people fall victim to thinking their paint is in pristine condition simply because it’s been recently detailed,

Detailing Vs Washing

Detailing vs. Washing

People often confuse car detailing with car washing. While, there is a vast difference between what detailing does to your car and what washing does, the importance of car detailing still needs much attention. A car is one of the biggest investments you make once in your life. Keeping your car clean, inside and out is an essential part of its preventive maintenance. Some people think that taking their car to a car wash every week is the same as having it professionally cleaned. That is not exactly true.

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