Crystal Vision
Invisible Wiper

It is an exceptional water- repellent coating with hydrophobic properties that doesn’t let water in any of its forms, be it drops or splashes, sustain on the surface. Hence, better vision while driving in rains.

The anti-glare feature of this coat promotes better night vision. This coating adds thickness to the surface and prevents it from breaking off easily.

Due to its high content of hydrophobicity, it is not just confined to glass surfaces, it is applicable on certain other surfaces too which makes it even more qualified to be used on surfaces which are mostly exposed to moisture in some way or the other.


Car Windshield becomes Hydrophobic

Repels Water, dust, external particles etc.

Prevents surface damage, scratches, stains and more

It’s a ready-to-use product and offers high quality Coat

Does not leave a greasy residue on the vehicle’s surface

Cleaning & maintenance becomes super Easy

Lasts for a long time ( at least 8-10 Months)

Makes the windshield glossy and attractive

DurabilityUpto 1 year
Coating Thickness75-100 nm
Surface TypeGlass
Temperature Durability275 °C
Chemical Resistance13>ph>1
Dry Film Thickness75-100 nm
ConsumptionEntire sachet per Windshield
Light Refractive Index1.625 (Glass)
Application Temperature5°C-30°C (≤50% RH)
Temperature Durability275°C
Water Contact Angle107° @10 µL
Water Sliding Angle22° @20 µL
Oil Contact Angle84° @20 µL
Dry-to-Touch Time(Pre-Cure) 3h
Curing time24h at 23°C - 50% RH

Better and safer driving

Get crystal clear vision through the windshield of your ride with our special windshield coating Crystal Vision. Your vehicle was meant to look and feel extraordinary all the time and Crystal Vision is one way to do it.

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