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27.12.2021 Blog

What is Graphene Coating and how it is better than..

Graphene coating is the latest revolution in the automobile industry. However the material it is made of is not new at all. Graphene containing one layer carbon atoms is the strongest material that exists on the earth. However its usage in..

25.12.2021 Blog

Can you apply Ceramic coating over paint protection film?

When thinking about ceramic coating and PPF, a lot of questions might be going through your mind. Can it be applied over PPF? Are the two compatible with each other? Does ceramic coating peel off because of PPF and so on..

20.12.2021 Blog

Do you love your ride? If yes avoid these 7 washing mistakes..

Washing your ride is good no doubt but if you don’t do it properly then it can look really nasty and frustrate you like anything. So realizing your love for your beauty we have compiled some of the biggest mistakes so that you can avoid them

10.12.2021 Blog

6 Golden tips to maintain your ceramic coated vehicle..

Gone are the days when cars and bikes were considered as luxuries. Due to the life becoming so fast day by day, they have become necessities for even a common man. So with a possession comes a responsibility

06.07.2020 Blog

Things you must know before you spend on Ceramic Coating..

Nano ceramic coating is a liquid based polymer, said to have 9H hardness on Mohs scale (Diamond has 10H), that is applied on a surface to provide it with defensive capabilities and prolonging vehicle paint life.

10.09.2020 Blog

A Secret Method to Prolong Car Shine

Washing a car the wrong way not only diminishes its paint life but also invite more harms to it than benefits. That is why having a proper knowledge of vehicle washing and opting for professional washing services is the right choice.

10.08.2019 Blog

Ceramic Coating Service: Revolutionizing Vehicle Care

The time for waxing and shining your car (over and over again) is literally a thing of the past now. For a long lasting shine and protection, there is a next level immaculate in the market.

22.07.2019 Blog

Science of Scratches

One of the many things that cause pain to a car owner, are scratches. Well, they are potentially bane to a brand new car. Scratches or any other sort of blemishes on a car’s surface

02.10.2018 Blog

Detailing vs. Washing

People often confuse car detailing with car washing. While, there is a vast difference between what detailing does to your car and what washing does, the importance of car detailing still needs much attention