ceramic coating over ppt

Can you apply Ceramic coating over paint protection film, here's the truth!

But you need not worry as in this post we will guide you clearly about which product will work best for your vehicle and why.

But before that let’s discuss what is ceramic coating and how it is different from PPF.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is simply a protective layer for a vehicle’s paintwork. The shine and hardness of Ceramic coating prevents paint damage, water drop stains and swirl marks. It can be applied on any type of vehicle giving them a superb and shiny finish.

Now, what is Paint Protection Film?

Now a days a lot of automobile maniacs are talking about this new technology on the block. And this technology is Paint Protection Film. PPF is a thermoplastic urethane film which is installed on top of a vehicle’s paint to protect it from minor scratches, damage, dirt etc.

It also offers the vehicle a superb protection from bird droppings, corrosion, road grime and keeps it new and shiny for years to come.

So what is similar between Ceramic Coating and PPF?

If you have used a wax or coating of any sort to protect your queen and looking for a superb upgrade then these two can prove to be a superb choice for you. Although these two technologies aren’t same at all in any way but they offer some benefits to the ride that are same.

Here are those:

  • Protection against external elements.
  • Prevention of colour fading.
  • Keeps paint new and fresh.
  • Protection from swirl marks and scratches.

Difference between Ceramic Coating and PPF

Although we have discussed the similarities between these two wonderful innovations, there are few features that differentiate them too. Let’s take a look at them in brief.

  • Ceramic coating is a liquid whereas PPF is a vinyl or polymer material.
  • Ceramic coating is applied using a sponge whereas PPF is installed by laying the vinyl material on the vehicle’s surface.
  • They offer a unique level of protection.

Benefits of applying ceramic coating over PPF

Now that we have discussed in detail the whole concept of ceramic coating and PPF, let’s talk about the benefits of applying one above the other. FYI, the ceramic coating sticks to the PPF brilliantly and enhances the performance of PPF.

Here are the main benefits:

  • Improves the hydrophobicity of the vehicle.
  • Minimizes your hard work of cleaning the vehicle.
  • Extends the life of PPF.

So that’s it folks!
The whole story behind Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection Film. In short, both are very cool and effective methods to enhance the life of your ride’s paintwork. Which brand will you use, how will you use them, how far you want to go with your ride’s care, that’s totally your call.
Happy riding!

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