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We provide various services for automobiles like washing, detailing, ceramic coating, graphene and paint protection film. Our services are focused on restoring the vehicle to a new appearance, feel and comfort.

Our services are SRS (Skin Restoration Service), Wheel Restoration, Chrome Restoration, Trim Restoration , Leather & Fabric Restoration, custom paint, Armor Graphene and Paint Protection Film .

Detailing is a technique that rectifies and removes paint defects like swirl marks, fine scratches, and micro defects from the vehicle’s surface. It also restores the paint to an original smooth finish.

Nano Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer that is applied to the vehicle’s painted surface. It protects the vehicle paint from fading for many years and adds superior gloss to it.

It prolongs paint’s life, defends against mud, bird-dropping, acid-rain. It helps in UV & thermal resistance and also provides resistance against swirl marks, oxidation, micro-defects, fine scratches, etc.

It is not necessary for a new vehicle to get detailed but getting it coated with ceramic coating can help prolong its paint life.

Detailing Devils has various ceramic coatings that are used during its services. Some of them are 9H DNA (3 Variants: Reload, Pro & Absolute), Crystal Vision (for windshields), Wheel Nano Armor, Nano Shine Armor, Nano Trim Armor, Leather & Fabric Nano Armor, and Graphene coating.

All exterior surfaces including paint, metal, chrome, gel coat, exhaust pipes, and wheels can be treated with 9H DNA. But for parts like windshields, windscreens, windows, mirrors, and glass headlamps, Crystal Vision is used.

The time scale can vary depending on the vehicle. Usually, detailing and coating can be performed within a day for both cars and bikes.

The application process hardly takes 4-5 hours but it normally takes 48 hours for the coating to cure fully.

No, you can’t apply these coatings yourself unless trained professionally as your car’s paint may be affected adversely.

No, it will not affect the manufacturer’s warranty for your vehicle’s paint.

Yes, Detailing Devils offers different ceramic coating service packages with warranty up to 6* years. Warranty is subject to vehicle paint shine only.

No! Accidental damage is not covered under Detailing Devils’ warranty. However, a damaged or repainted part can be coated again with appropriate charges.

You can claim warranty at any of the Detailing Devils studio Pan-India by showing your Unique Warranty Code allotted to you after our services.

Yes, you can apply other products on our ceramic coatings. However, this is not suggested as it will void the coating’s warranty. Moreover, wax is applied for paint shine, once the ceramic coating is completed there is no logic in applying wax to the paint as ceramic coating provides a brilliant gloss to it.

Our coatings have no adverse effects on the correct repaint procedure. They are completely chemical-free and eco-friendly. However, during repainting the coating has to be removed that will void the coating’s warranty.

No, it will not even during the extreme weather conditions as long as the maintenance instructions are followed properly. Detailing Devils only use approved and tested premium 9H ceramic coatings.

No, ceramic coating is not scratch proof, it is scratch resistant up to 70-80% resistance against hairline scratches.

You can contact us through our contact number or simply visit our website to book your ceramic coating service slot. Our executive will reach you shortly.

Each vehicle segment has a different price range. Please contact our executive, specify your vehicle and get an exact quote for free or click here for the complete price catalogue.

Yes, it can be done but there is simply no point in applying the coating on vinyl or PPF. The ceramic coating is for paint protection not for vinyl protection, it will also be peeled off once you’ll peel off the vinyl.

As per the instructions by our experts, washing with ceramic shampoo once in a week is required.

At the end of the term (from the date of services received), each year a maintenance visit is conducted to inspect the quality of our coating. The diminishing gloss (5-10% due to environmental causes) is corrected. Maintenance will only be provided till warranty lasts for the package you have chosen (1, 3 or 5 years respectively).

Detailing Devils is a Singapore based automobile detailing company. We use premium ingredients and latest technology to manufacture and market our own ceramic coatings.

Paint Protection Film

Detailing Devils Paint Protection Film is our highest quality vehicle paint protection service. It offers the ultimate vehicle paint protection and sets a new industry standard with great innovative improvements, including ultimate scratch and stain resistance, superb clarity, and deep matte film finish.

It has a flexible, clear top coat that has phenomenal stretch and self-healing to eradicate minor scratches.

Detailing Devils Paint Protection Film provides many features, advantages and benefits over other films:

Great Clarity - Detailing Devils Paint Protection Film has low orange peel, making it one of the clearest PPFs, and almost invisible even on white vehicles. Our PPF offers a deep satin finish to match most OEM matte paint systems or turn your clear paint into a matte finish.

Durable Clear Coat – The clear coat technology makes our paint protection film easier to clean and much harder to scratch, which keeps vehicles looking newer longer.

Self-healing property – Highly advanced technology in our PPF causes minor scratches to disappear, which keeps the film’s and vehicle’s finish looking new.

Detailing Devils Paint Protection Film can be installed anywhere you want to protect your vehicle’s finish from scratches, chips, stains and other damaging elements. It gives supreme protection to the following:


• Hood
• Bumper
• Doors
• Side view mirrors
• Door edges
• Trunk
• Headlights & taillights

In Bikes

• Tank
• Mudguard
• Side panel

You can find a Detailing Devils Paint Protection Film installer in an authorized Detailing Devils studio.

We strongly recommend getting the Paint Protection Film installed at an authorized Detailing Devils studio as our technicians have the proper installation training and experience to ensure the top quality fit to your vehicle. The warranty is also valid only if the paint protection film is installed by an authorized Detailing Devils technician.

Highly advanced technology in our PPF causes minor scratches to disappear, which keeps the film’s and vehicle’s finish looking new.

A 5 Year Warranty is provided for Paint Protection Film (5 years for Shine and 3 Years for Self-Healing).

Here are the complete price details for Detailing Devils Paint Protection Film.

Yes. Although the Detailing Devils Paint Protection Film is intended to be permanent, it can be removed without damage to your vehicle’s finish. We recommend that you always visit an authorized Detailing Devils Studio for paint protection film installation or removal.

Yes. The Detailing Devils Paint Protection Film can be installed on both new and used undamaged cars. If a car has recently been painted please allow 30 days for curing time before applying our paint protection film.

Diamond Nano Armor Graphene

DNA Graphene is our latest and high-quality vehicle protection coating that has 10H hardness and gives your vehicle superb protection against water, stains, scratches, bugs, saps, bird droppings etc.

DNA Graphene is a professional strength coating that is designed to work on its own. It must not be combined with any other coating as they have different chemistries. Graphene requires more preparation and care while installing than 9H DNA coatings but provides a much more effective and long-lasting result.

DNA Graphene can be maintained with any pH neutral wash shampoo. We do recommend using Nano Rinse Shampoo as it is designed specifically to both clean and condition the coating’s finish to preserve the astonishingly high gloss and water repellency effects.

Yes. DNA Graphene can be put over other ceramic coatings safely and effectively.

Yes. DNA Graphene can be layered without any harm to the vehicle’s surface.

No. DNA Graphene can’t be applied on the wheels and we have a separate coating for wheels in the form of Wheel Nano Armor.

Yes. DNA Graphene holds pretty well against water-spotting, unlike low quality ceramic coatings which are prone to hard water contamination. DNA Graphene reduces water-spotting by up to 80-90%.

The curing time of DNA Graphene is 48 hours.

Car Wash FAQs

Ideally, wash your car every 1-2 weeks, especially after exposure to rain, dirt, or road salt.

No, frequent washing does not damage the paint if done correctly. Using proper techniques and high-quality products ensures your car's paint remains protected and looks great.

A basic wash typically includes exterior cleaning, while a full-service wash includes interior cleaning, vacuuming, window cleaning, and sometimes waxing and polishing.

Both methods are effective if done correctly. Hand washing can be more thorough and gentle, while automatic car washes are more convenient and quicker. Choose based on your preference and schedule.

Modern car washes use gentle cleaning methods. However, for a brand new paint job (less than 30 days old), consult a professional detailer first.

Some car washes offer interior cleaning packages alongside exterior washing. Check with your local wash for options.

Bike Wash FAQs

Use a dedicated bike wash soap and avoid harsh detergents. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a microfiber cloth to prevent rust.

Wash your bike after every ride in muddy or dusty conditions. For regular rides, aim for a wash every 1-2 weeks.

Some car washes offer specialized bike cleaning services like chain lubrication, drivetrain degreasing, and suspension cleaning. Check with your local wash for details.

It's best to avoid high-pressure hoses as they can force water into bearings and other sensitive parts, potentially causing damage. Use a gentle stream of water instead.

Use a bike-specific cleaner or mild soap and water. Avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the bike's finish and components. A soft brush and sponge are ideal for cleaning.

Yes, it's important to lubricate the chain and other moving parts after washing to prevent rust and ensure smooth operation. Make sure the bike is dry before applying lubrication.

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