Fabric Restoration

Add life to dull car fabric

Our technicians carefully work our non-staining Detailing Devils Fabric Nano Armor into the fabric surfaces in your car thoroughly coating each individual fiber.

Once applied, this compound seals your fabric parts keeping it safe from dirt, grease, and stains.

Detailing Devils fabric restoration does all of this without altering the color, feel, or texture of the fabric.

In fact, our fabric restoration will help your fabric retain its brand new appearance and feel. Our compounds lock in the fibers of your vehicle’s fabric surfaces, the messes made by everyday life simply cannot leave a lasting stain.

Overall, fabric restoration ensures your car interior achieves an anti-microbial treatment to make it restore its new feel and prevent it from anti-fouling.


Keeps the original colour, feel and texture of the fabric.

Cleans the vehicle’s fabric and makes it like brand new.

Eradicates the stubborn and impure contaminants from the fabric.

Protects the car’s fabric against extra wear and tear.

Prevents stains and makes them easy to clean.

Enhances the resale value of a vehicle.

Eliminates odor from fabric and makes it smell new and good.

Enhances your driving experience and joy.

Restore the Car Fabric in style

We are experts not only in the exterior appearance of a ride but also how it looks from inside. Our fabric restoration service makes the fabric of a car brand new, shiny and elegant. Try it to experience the stunning impression your ride creates.

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