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Detailing Devils  is a service oriented automotive detailing company that specializes in car detailing services of all kinds like cleaning, detailing, and protective car and bike coating for vehicles belonging to every category. Excellent workmanship, best technology, eco-friendly measures and a dedicated team have made us achieve a whopping customer base of 10000+ happy customers and 500k+ followers on social media. If you have been searching for the best 9h ceramic coating for long then your search is over. Automotive coatings protect your ride’s surface from every kind of harm be it acid rain, bird droppings, dirt, dust etc. and we have the best ones in the industry so that nothing can match your vehicle’s beauty.

The best thing about our services is that they give you unparalleled results at budgetary prices. Moreover the customer’s faith and our love for our craft have made us grow into a family of 50+ national and international studios. Each and every one of our studio goes through a major transformation in terms of exploring new techniques, development in services and upgrade in equipment to provide our customers with a top-notch vehicle and nano ceramic coating services whenever it leaves our studio.

franchise opportunities with the low investment  so that the enthusiastic people who wish to grow with us can begin immediately and at a quick pace.
Welcome to the world of shine and awesomeness at the best auto detailing brand in India!
Check out our catalogue and price list for various segments and choose the one that fits best for you.

What We Do


In Skin Restoration Service, the surface of the vehicle is buffed to get rid of the old and dull layer of the paint to reveal a brand new and shiny layer:

– Skin Restoration
– Headlight Restoration
– Chrome Restoration
– Wheel Restoration
– Trim Restoration
– Fabric Restoration
– Leather Restoration



Once the vehicle is done with shining i.e. the Skin Restoration Service, it is coated with our line of premium nano ceramic coatings to make the shine and elegance permanent. The following is the list of our coatings for different surfaces:



The maintenance line ensures your vehicle stays in showroom condition, while providing all means of preserving and enhancing the performance of ceramic coats.

– Foam Wash
– Ceramic Wash
– Yearly Inspection



06.07.2020 blog

Things you must know before you spend on Ceramic Coating Services

Nano ceramic coating is a liquid based polymer, said to have 9H hardness on Mohs scale (Diamond has 10H), that is applied on a surface to provide it with defensive capabilities and prolonging vehicle paint life.

10.09.2020 blog

A Secret Method to Prolong Car Shine

Washing a car the wrong way not only diminishes its paint life but also invite more harms to it than benefits. That is why having a proper knowledge of vehicle washing and opting for professional washing services is the right choice.

10.08.2019 blog

Ceramic Coating Service: Revolutionizing Vehicle Care

The time for waxing and shining your car (over and over again) is literally a thing of the past now. For a long lasting shine and protection, there is a next level immaculate in the market.