Armor Reload has 1 Year warranty on the shine of the painted body.

Under this package

  • The entire exterior of the vehicle is pre-cleaned.
  • The painted body is then restored with the skin restoration system.
  • The following parts in a vehicle are coated with our ceramic coating to enhance the shine & gloss and also its protection factor.
    • Painted body with 9H DNA Reload.
    • Painted body with 9H DNA Reload.
  • The entire detailing process takes 6-8 hours (depending on the condition of the vehicle) and the coating takes 48 hours to fully cure.

You also get a complimentary post-coating wash that must be availed within 10 days after getting the service.

Benefits of Armor Reload

  • Your vehicle will look great for a long period of time.
  • Makes the surface of your vehicle durable.
  • Gives your vehicle an extra layer of protection.
  • Makes it repel dirt and mud.
  • Makes the surface easier to clean than before.
  • Protects your vehicle against external elements.
  • Gives protection against chemical stains.
  • More effective and durable than other paint protection methods.
  • Offers your ride a nice gloss.


High-quality and budgetary exterior protection service

Removes the old layer of paint and gives a new shine

Protects the surface against dirt, dust, water and other elements

Enhances the overall look and resale value of your ride

Prevents stains on the surface and makes them easy to clean

Enhances your driving experience and joy

Eradicates the stubborn and impure contaminants from the surface

Protects the vehicle against minor scratches, stone chips and debris

Our basic exterior protection package

Think only your face needs pampering? Think again as your ride might be craving it for months. Do it through Armor Reload and make your ride breathe again. This service makes a ride look much better than new, shiny and a thief of hearts.

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