Absolute Cabin Care

That’s why we have come up with a super simple and effective solution to tackle this. The Absolute CabinCare Interior Protection Package completely detoxifies the interior of your ride and makes it as attractive and pleasing you can imagine.

It also makes the interior more durable to various external elements like dust, dirt, water, insects etc. and makes you admire your ride for years to come. The warranty of Absolute CabinCare is 6 months.

Under this Package

Benefits of Absolute CabinCare Interior Protection Package

  • Absolute CabinCare restores the original beauty and shine of your car’s interior just like the day when it was first bought.
  • It not only removes the stains but also prevents them through a strong protective coating around the surfaces.
  • Gets rid of the most stubborn particles from mats and carpets.
  • Protects the interior against fading from UV rays.
  • Removes even the minutest dirt and dust particles from closed spaces.


High-quality and budgetary interior protection service

Protects the car’s interior against dirt, dust, water and other elements

Enhances the overall look and resale value of your ride

Prevents stains on the interior parts and makes them easy to clean

Enhances your driving experience and joy

Eradicates the stubborn and impure contaminants from the interior surface

Restores the original beauty and shine of your car’s interior

Enhances the interior’s durability and toughness factor.

Exclusive Interior Protection Service

At Detailing Devils, we believe not only in the outer beauty of a ride but its inner beauty too. And that we make sure through our special interior protection service CabinCare. After CabinCare you will fall in love with the interior more than the ride itself.

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