Leather Nano Armor Transparent protective coating for car leather

Thus, the surface on which it is applied becomes breathable and extremely durable. Leather nano tech armor makes ordinary leather waterproof and easy to maintain.

DurabilityUpto 6 MONTHS
Coating Thickness~75-100 nm
Surface TypeLeather or Leatherette
Temperature Durability110 °C
Chemical Resistance10>ph>3
Curing PeriodMaximum 24 hours


Premium and transparent Car leather protection coating.

Great protection against water, oil and other harmful elements.

Makes it more durable and shinier than before.

Makes it more breathable and lively than before.

Makes the leather waterproof and much easier to clean.

Gives car’s leather a pleasing fragrance and more hygiene.

Decent protection against scratches, dirt and other contaminants.

100% safe and no side effects at all on the car’s leather.

Luxury Car Leather Protection Liquid

Leather is classy and beautiful but at the same time, most prone to damages. Let’s sort this dilemma out with Leather Nano Armor premium leather protection coating. Protect leather, be classy, stay classy with Leather Nano Armor.

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