Tyre Armor


It restores the shine and enhances their durability like no other service in the industry to give you a riding joy and safety like never before.

With Tyre Armor you can show love and respect for your ride’s tyres like never before and take its care to next level.

Benefits of Tyre Armor

  • Makes tyres new, shiny and elegant.
  • Enhances their durability level.
  • Keeps them protected against several external elements.
  • Enhances the overall look of your ride.
  • Makes them dirt and dust repellant.


Restores the shine and enhances the durability of tyres

Saves your money to buy new tyres for your ride

High-quality and budgetary tyre protection service

Protects the tyres against dirt, dust, water and other elements

Enhances the overall look and feel of your ride

Prevents stains on the tyres and makes them easy to clean

Protects the tyres against minor damages, stone chips and debris

Makes them quite less prone to puncture and other harms

Get Stronger and Shinier Tyres

Your trip is always as good as the tyres of your ride. So make sure they are top-notch through our special tyre armor protection service. It makes them appear new, shiny black, and strong to give you the experience and ride of your dreams.

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