Fabric Armor

Restores & protects car fabric

Our Fabric Nano Armor cleans the fabric inside your vehicle and makes it look amazingly new. It also forms a strong protective coating around the surface so that the dirt and damages gets minimized. The warranty of Fabric Armor is 6 months .

Under this Package

  • - The fabric parts of the car are pre-cleaned.
  • - Then these parts are coated with our special fabric nano ceramic coating Fabric Nano Armor.

Benefits of Fabric Nano Armor Protection Package

  • Removes dirt and spots from the fabric totally.
  • Makes it look clean, fresh and hygienic.
  • Enhances the aesthetic appeal of the car’s fabric.
  • Makes the fabric water-proof, breathable and oleophobic.
  • Cleans and prevents the stains by forming a protective shield around it.
  • Protects the fabric against UV rays.
  • Gives an easy-to-clean effect to the fabric.


Makes the car fabric brand new and protected.

Great protection against anti-fouling, stains, water etc.

Makes it more breathable and durable than before.

Makes the fabric waterproof and much easier to clean.

Gives fabric a pleasing fragrance and more hygiene.

Decent protection against scratches, dirt and other contaminants.

100% safe and no side effects at all on the car’s fabric.

More durable and effective than any other coating in the market.

World-class Car Fabric Protection Coating

Don’t let the fabric parts of your ride take the toll of time and other environmental harms. Make sure it stays new and classy for a long time with Fabric Nano Armor exclusive car fabric protective coating. Your ride deserves the best and this product ensures that.

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