Wheel Restoration

Spotless & shining wheels

Wheels are more prone to losing their shine and get damaged by roadside chemicals, salts, brake-dust, tire sealants, or other external elements.

Under Wheel Restoration service, we make use of our best wheel restoration & protection product- the Wheel Nano Armor to bring back the lost charm of dilapidated wheels especially the alloy wheels.

The car wheels are first sprayed with a wheel cleaner to remove contaminant settled on its surface and once they are completely cleaned, we coat them with the Wheel Nano Armor which ensures that wheels are able to withstand dirt, mud and sludge.


Offers protection against mud, dirt, grime etc.

Cleans and shines the wheels and makes them like brand new.

Enhances the overall look and feel of a vehicle.

Protects the wheels against extra wear and tear.

Prevents stains and makes the wheels easier to clean.

Premium and Affordable Wheel Restoration Service.

Great protection against various environmental elements.

Enhances the resale value of a vehicle.

A vehicle's pedicure service

Just like your legs serve the purpose of taking you to your desired places, the wheels serve the purpose of bearing your ride anywhere it wants. So do them a bit of justice by treating them with a premium and budgetary restoration service that will make them shiny, elegant and durable.

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