A Secret Method to Prolong Car Shine

When a car hits the road it has to go through a lot of damage. Yes, we know that even you know that. But what kind of damage are we talking about here? Is it about the flat tires when you bump on some nails? Or the overheating of your car in the harsh summer? No, this damage is related to car skin or the car paint surface which gets damaged with influences of weather and other contaminants.

Damages That Tarnish a Vehicle’s Paint

The damages your car goes through regularly are as follows:

  • Oxidation
  • Bird Droppings
  • Environmental influences (Acid Rains/ Rain/ Dewdrops)
  • Harmful Contaminants

When any of these harm your vehicle, you always stay assured because the next morning you know the cleaner will come, give your vehicle a slight wash and then wipe it all away. Making your vehicle new and shiny once again.

But you are wrong!!!!

With this method of cleaning you are inviting

  • Hard Water Spots
  • Swirl Marks
  • Oxidation
  • Blemishes

And god knows what more. The mundane cleaning of a vehicle only damages its paint surface even more. Even with the correct equipment, vehicle cleaning is hardly achieved to the best condition.


  • It all lies in the training.
  • Detailing Devils is the expert brand in car care & detailing. We provide services with nano ceramic coating to make your vehicle shine and keep it protected.
  • We have introduced new car wash packages which saves you the trouble of finding the right place to get it washed.
  • With the right professional training, world-class equipment and powerful techniques we wash your vehicle with utmost care.

The right way to get your vehicle cleaned

The right way is to leave your vehicle in professional care and chillax. Detailing Devils car wash service includes:

  • High Pressure Wash
  • Exterior Body Snow Foam
  • Tyres, Arches and Alloy Cleaning
  • Engine Water Wash
  • Drying with Ultra-Soft Microfiber Towel

Our packages are well-crafted to suit your choice. You can choose from a variety of options. And can even look for our SRS and 9H DNA packages. We provide world class service to your vehicle with Car Coating in Delhi.

More Information on Vehicle Washing Services

With our car wash, the life of your car paint increases drastically. Not to mention the shine it will reflect. Plus, our cleaning process is performed with acute care so that there will be no swirl marks or oxidation. If you wish you remove them permanently we advise SRS (Skin Restoration Service) for your vehicle .

Detailing Devils provides car care services & best services with more than 50+ studios across the nation. Find out more about vehicle detailing services at Detailing Devils or talk to our representatives. Stop looking for car coating near me and come to us with your vehicle. Leave with great satisfaction and a big smile on your face as you watch your vehicle in renewed shine.

Make your car a beauty with our car wash service. Book your slot today!!!

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