How to detail a vehicle the perfect way - The Detailing Devils Guide

And in today’s post we will show you how to detail a vehicle the perfect way. Car detailing involves cleaning and polishing cars. Detailed cars are shiny and clean.

A detailed car looks better than an un-detailed car. Car detailing is done by professionals who use specialized tools and equipment. Car detailing is usually done when a car needs to be cleaned after being washed.

What is Car Detailing?

Car detailing is the process of cleaning and protecting your car by using various tools and different methods. These methods are usually not used in traditional car cleaning or car washes.

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Car detailing is a process that involves repairing scratches and swirl marks on the vehicle. Detailing also involves cleaning the exterior of the car. The aim of this process is to make sure that the car looks as good as brand new when it comes out of the detailing shop.

How is Car Detailing different from Car Washing?

Car detailing and car washing are both ways to wash cars. But they're also very similar because they both use water and soap to get rid of dirt and grime.

Car washes use jet sprays and shampoos to clean cars. Detailing sessions involve a lot of precision and detail. A car wash is less thorough than a detailing session.

What Does Car Detailing Include?

A thorough car detailing process consists in a well-done cleaning. Car interior cleaning includes a well-done cleaning, while exterior cleaning includes a well- done cleaning.

Car Washing

The exterior car detailing process begins by washing the car with a ph-neutral car shampoo, allowing the accumulated mud to get soft enough to be rinced off.

Surface Claying

After the washing, the paint work is then clayed using a clay bar. The clay bars remove any of the dirt that did not come off with normal detergens.

Rubbing & Polishing

Car polishing is done by hand. The first step is to remove any dirt and grime from the vehicle. Then, a wax coating is applied to protect the finish. Finally, the car is polished until it shines.

Paint Sealing

Paint sealing is done to protect your car by applying a special kind of paint sealant or car wax on it. You should use this method if you want to make sure that your car looks as shiny as when it was first bought.

Headlights & Taillights and misc.

The headlights, as well as taillights, must be polished before being sealed. After sealing them, make sure they are clean and illuminated well.

Interior Car Detailing

Interior detailing is a very important part of car detailing. It is a long and tedious process. Car owners should be aware of this fact before getting into the details.

Interior Vacuuming

The entire car is cleaned using the vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt particles from the tightest areas. The air conditioning vents are cleaned as well.

Brushing & Cleaning

Leather cleaners and polishers are used to clean the leather seats of cars. Polishing makes them look shiny and protects them from stains.

Glass Cleaning

Glasses should be cleaned regularly to avoid any scratches or dirt. Cleaning them with a glass cleaner ensures that the glass is squeak-free and doesn't obstruct the driver's view. A shiny car looks more attractive than a dirty one.


Perfuming is done after vacuum cleaning the car again.

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