How to clean car exterior in 6 easy steps.

Probably not. That’s why we are bringing for you a simple and effective how to clean car exterior guide so that you can protect the body of your ride from a variety of harmful elements and take more pride whenever you take it out for a spin.

Did you know that if a vehicle goes without a wash for several weeks in a row, some elements such as bird droppings, dirt, splattering bugs etc. can stick on its surface and cause permanent damage?

how to clean car exterior

How to Clean Car Exterior Steps:

Park the vehicle in shade

Although washing your ride in bright sunlight may seem cool and stuff but it is not advised to do so at all. Instead wash your ride in a shaded area so that the cleaning solution doesn’t dry and you have ample amount of time to rinse it off.

Remove loose dirt through rinsing

First of all pre-rinse your car and remove any dirt with Coating Daddy Foam Wash Shampoo that may be sticking on your vehicle’s surface for long. Doing this will save you a lot of time and hard work in the long run.

Have two buckets at your disposal

Using two buckets works wonders while washing your ride as you are able to easily rinse out and remove dirt from your cleaning cloth before loading it up with soap again.

Start from the top and work your way down

As the dirtiest parts of the car are found at the bottom, washing your ride from bottom to top will make it even dirtier than before. Plus, do not use your washing mitt or sponge in circles but in a linear manner.

Rinse again then dry the car

If you are working in hot weather, make sure to rinse your vehicle again and again so that the water spots don’t form on its surface. Always use Coating Daddy microfiber towels to dry the surface of the vehicle and once it’s saturated, change it with a new one.

Feel the surface, use a clay bar if needed

Did you know that a clay bar removes the contaminants from a vehicle’s surface that a normal washing cannot? So if the surface of your ride feels rough even after washing, use a clay bar to extract the stuck materials.

How to Clean Car Exterior Conclusion

So that’s it car lover. Some easy and effective steps to clean your ride and make it shine like a gem. Nobody likes a dirty car and finds it pretty hard to clean it properly. But if you follow these steps and have patience with them, you will take more joy and pride in cleaning your ride than ever.

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