Nano Shine Armor Restores the black shine of tires

Unlike waxes and polishes, it is non-oily and non-greasy, environmentally-safe and silicone free with properties like mud-repellence and permanent adhesion.

Silicone based coatings are quite destructive as they promote tyre yellowing, cracking and can destroy the UV/ozone protectants that are essential to the life, color, and texture of a tyre. Whereas Nano Shine Armor doesn’t wear off easily and gives tyres a highly durable and protective coating that protects them from yellowing, fading and cracking over a period of time and restores their spotless black shine.


Gives a brand new black shine to tyres.

Non-oily l Non-greasy l Environmentally-Safe l Silicone free

Repels mud and has permanent adhesion to tyres.

Protects tyres against UV rays, yellowing and cracking.

Makes them highly durable and resilient like no other coating.

Keeps them cleaner and easier to clean than before.

Professional Grade Ceramic coating at affordable price.

Enhances the resale value of your ride.

DurabilityUpto 3-6 MONTHS
Coating Thickness200-300 nm
Surface TypeRubber
Temperature Durability110 °C
Chemical Resistance10>ph>1
Curing PeriodMaximum 24 hours

A special tire enhancing coating

Dull and old tyres can ruin your ride’s impression and also yours. Don’t let it do that, enhance them with Nano Shine Armor exclusive tyre enhancing coating and see the difference a set of new looking and shiny tyres can create.

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