Wheel Nano Armor Made for Spotless & Shining Wheels

In addition to that, it protects wheels against dirt, mud and sludge, with a highly durable protection coat and prevents against oxidation and harmful UV rays while making surface resistant to splashes of muddy, dirty water and thus, helps them with keep up their shine and a spot free finish.

It forms an outstanding rather permanent chemical bonding with surface and gives them an excellent stain & contaminant resistant ability.


Makes them spotless and shinier than factory finish.

Great protection against brake dust, dirt and grime.

Clears the corrosive elements and shines them for longer.

Reveals the true beauty of the wheels like no other service.

Enhances your driving experience and joy.

Makes wheels durable against heat and friction.

Protects against oxidation and harmful UV rays.

Makes wheels resistant to stains and chemicals.

DurabilityUpto 1 Year
Coating Thickness200-300 nm
Surface TypeAlloy Metal
Temperature Durability275 °C
Chemical Resistance12>ph>1
AppearanceYellowish Liquid
Dry Film Thickness600-800 nm
Consumption per Unit Area5-8 mL/m2
Dry to Touch Time4-6h
Application Temperature5°C-30°C (≤50% RH)
Temperature Durability+275°C
Water Contact Angle106° @10 µL
Water Sliding Angle12° @20 µL
Oil Contact Angle89° @10 µL
Curing time24h at 23°C - 50% RH

Make your vehicle’s wheels world-class

The surface of a vehicle is one thing but its wheels are never to be neglected and Wheel Nano Armor takes care of them superbly. It cleans, shines and protects them with maximum effect and quality. Give it a try today!

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