Nano Trim Armor Brings back the life of car interiors

Environmental elements and prolonged use can damage any vehicle, affecting dash trim, and other interior parts like wood panels, doors, etc.

This is not just a cosmetic dressing but protective coating for cars interiors. Unlike silicon based coatings, it doesn’t form a temporary adhesion but permanent one so that the interiors do not fade easily and lose their shine.

Usually, silicone products add temporary shine and do not offer any longtime solution. Moreover, silicone oils have been known to dry out the applied areas creating a bigger problem of leaving a greasy residue even after buffing.

Nano Trim Armor (NTA) makes sure to overcome all these shortcomings and give car interiors a permanent protective coating.


Brings back the factory finish of your ride’s interior

Special Water based Nano Coating for faded interiors

Great protection against various environmental elements

Silicon Free l Permanent Adhesion l Longtime Shine

Doesn’t leave greasy residue even after buffing

A complete vehicle interior protection solution

Makes the interior super easy to clean and maintain

Leaves a great impression on anyone who sits in your car.

DurabilityUpto 6-12 Months
Coating Thickness200-300 nm
Surface TypePlastic, soft plastic
Temperature Durability110 °C
Chemical Resistance10>ph>3
Curing PeriodMaximum 24 hours

A special car interior enhancing coating

Your personality is as good as you keep and maintain your ride’s interior. Make sure it’s top notch with Nano Trim Armor exclusive interior enhancing coating. Trust your trip and experience will never be the same.

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