DNA Graphene

DNA Graphene creates a superb and ultra-flexible coating that can be applied to almost every surface that exists.

It’s versatile, one-size-fits-all, and uses the latest nano-technology to give your car great results for the years to come.


Brand New Innovation – The DNA Graphene utilizes the latest nano-technology to give your vehicle 6+ years of high-quality protection

10H Hardness -

6+ Years of High-Quality Protection -

Water, Stain & Scratch Resistant -

Easy to Apply – .

Gives a deeper, clearer, and shinier effect -

Can be applied to a huge variety of surfaces –

3D Graphene Nano Structure –

AppearanceColourless liquid
Chemical resistance12>Ph>1
Salt water resistanceYes
Moisture resistanceYes
Pencil hardness (ISO-15184:2012)10H
Dry film thickness0.9-1.1 micro meter
Consumption per unit area4ML/meter square
Density @23 Degree Celsius0.87 g/cm cube
ph value5, 5-6
Dry to touch time2h
Application temperature5 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius
Temperature durability150 degree Celsius
Water contact angle after ‘15000’ wet scrub (ISO-11998:2006)107 Degree @ 20 microlitre
Water sliding angle17 Degree @ 20 microlitre
Oil contact angle87 degree @ 20 microlitre
Gloss rate @ 60 degrees ISO2813:2014 – 98 (Acrylic)
Volatile organic compound (VOC) (ASTM D-2369)640 g/L (63%)
Reach complianceYes

Next level automobile protection technology

Ceramic coating is the technology of the past. Now it’s time for some ultra-advanced protection innovation. At Detailing Devils, it comes in the form of DNA Graphene. It shields, protects and glorifies the level of your ride’s protection and keeps it new for the years to come.

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