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Warranty Details

Detailing Devils T&C

  • Warranty is provided for the shine of the vehicle’s painted body.
  • After application, avoid washing/cleaning your vehicle for 2 days. Bring your vehicle after 2 days for a Complimentary first wash. (Note: only 1st wash is complimentary)
  • 1st complimentary ceramic wash can be availed within a period of 10 days from the date of treatment. No requests will be entertained afterwards.
  • First car assessment should be done after one year of treatment and thereafter, once a year.
  • Yearly-assessment can be availed before 30 days or after 30 days from the year completion date. No requests will be entertained after the period expires.
  • Warranty will be considered void if:
    1. Coating is either removed or over coated with any other products.
    2. Soiling, damages, discoloration or stains caused due to bleaches, solvents, acid, burns, dye, accident, vandalism or negligence/ faults on part of the automobile owner.
    3. Scratches due to dry cleaning of the vehicle (Only wet clean the vehicle with plain water).
    4. Vehicle is repainted. (Warranty will be considered void for repainted part(s) or entire exterior paint body depending on the paint job)
    5. Customer can get their vehicle coated again (whether repainted/damaged by accident) by paying appropriate charges.
  • To uphold the authenticity of the warranty, follow the instructions and consult an authorized Detailing Devils studio.
  • To uphold the authenticity of the warranty of Detailing Package, you need to get your vehicle washed from Detailing Devils only once in a week.
  • Detailing Devils warranty is non-transferable and applicable only after you complete all the registration formalities.
  • In case of any coating damage during the warranty period, follow the given procedure:
    1. Contact your nearest coating studio right away and inform them about the damage issue
    2. The service inspection in charge will then examine your vehicle during the business hours in the nearest coating studio (allotted by them).
    3. Post assessment if your claims get accepted, then our service inspector will contact you with a mutually convenient time and location.
    4. Provide your Invoice/warranty card to avail warranty
    5. If the claim is not made within 30 days of observing the problem, it will automatically set Detailing Devils dealer free of any obligations.

If you have any questions about warranty please contact us.


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