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FAQ’ s

Got questions ? We’ve got answers.

How is 9H DNA different than other paint protection products in the market ?

9H DNA is totally unique. It is not like any other product in the market today.
Its cutting edge nanotechnology actually bonds with your vehicle’s paint on a molecular level, forming a cross linked bond while other paint coatings form temporary bond and sit inside the microscopic pores on your vehicle’s finish, and wash away with simple detergents. Performance of those so-called paint protection systems is very limited due to their durability and ability to protect from harmful elements such as bird dropping, bugs etc.

Will any of your coatings peel or flake ?

So long as you follow the maintenance instructions, then none of our coatings will ever peel or flake. Due to its high durability and permanent adhesion that it forms with the surface it is applied on, it stays as it is for years and doesn’t peel off or flake in any condition.

What is the advantage of 9H DNA over clear coats that already provide significant gloss and color retention ?

9H DNA provides additional gloss and protection to the clear coats. The clear coat itself doesn’t have the same level of scratch and stone chip resistance and is relatively ‘softer’ which creates a new challenge to car owners who want to keep their car’s paintwork looking great for longer while the 9H DNA paint protection coating offers a level of protection as a physical barrier installed over your entire vehicle to create an invisible shield. Made of high nano tech formulation, it offers amazing hydrophobic, scratch resistance and mud-repellence properties to the painted surface.

What affect will the coating have if I need to get my car repainted ?

Our coatings have no adverse effects on correct repaint procedure. They are completely chemical free and eco-friendly. And please note that none of our coatings produce airborne silicones and so it will not cause any surface contamination.

What areas can be treated with these coatings ?

All exterior surfaces including paint, metal, chrome, gel coat, exhaust pipes and wheels can be treated with 9H DNA. But for parts like windshields, windscreens, windows, mirrors, and glass headlamps, Crystal Vision should be used.

What must be removed from the exterior paint prior to application ?

Transit wrap, tape or glue lines, bug residue, road tar, and any other contaminants settled on the surface. All polishing must be done prior to application. This is why we conduct a detailed skin restoration process prior to applying coatings so as to achieve maximum results.

How long does 9H DNA take to cure ?

The paint process hardly takes 4-5 hours but it normally takes 24 hours for the coating to cure fully.

Can I apply these coatings myself ?

No you can’t apply these coatings yourself unless trained professionally as your car’s paint may be affected adversely.

Please note these coatings are based on a very different technology unlike traditional waxes or polymer sealants.  So, unless you are familiar with this technology we strongly advise you take professional training before applying these coatings yourself.

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