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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is detailing?

Detailing is a technique that rectifies and removes paint defects like swirl marks, fine scratches, and micro defects. It also restores the paint to an original smooth finish.

What are the benefits of nano ceramic coating?

It prolongs paint life, defends against mud, bird-dropping, acid-rain. It helps in UV & thermal resistance and also provides resistance against swirl marks, oxidation, micro-defects, fine scratches, etc.

What is Nano Ceramic Coating?

Nano Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer that is applied to the vehicle’s painted surface. It protects the vehicle paint from fading for many years and add superior gloss to it.

Does a new vehicle needs detailing & ceramic coating?

It is not necessary for a new vehicle to get detailed but getting it coated with ceramic coating can help prolong its paint life.

Which services are provided by Detailing Devils?

Detailing Devils provide various services for automobiles. From washing, cleaning, detailing and all the way to ceramic coating. Our services are focused on restoring the vehicle to a new appearance, feel and comfort. Some of the services are SRS (Skin Restoration Service), Wheel Restoration, Headlight Restoration, Headlight Restoration, Chrome Restoration, Trim Restoration, Leather & Fabric Restoration, Lumilor electroluminescent paint, custom paint, DNA Voodoo self-healing coating.

Which ceramic coatings are offered by Detailing Devils?

Detailing Devils has various ceramic coatings that are used during its services. Some of them are DNA Voodoo (Self-Healing Coating), 9H DNA (3 Variants: Reload, Pro & Absolute), Crystal Vision (for windshields), Wheel Nano Armor, Nano Shine Armor, Nano Trim Armor, Leather & Fabric Nano Armor.

Which areas can be treated with these coatings ?

All exterior surfaces including paint, metal, chrome, gel coat, exhaust pipes, and wheels can be treated with 9H DNA. But for parts like windshields, windscreens, windows, mirrors, and glass headlamps, Crystal Vision is used.

How long does it take to get my vehicle ceramic coated?

The time scale can vary depending on the vehicle. Usually, detailing and coating can be performed within a day for both cars and bikes.

How long does 9H DNA take to cure?

The application process hardly takes 4-5 hours but it normally takes 24 hours for the coating to cure fully. 7 days for DNA Voodoo.

Can I apply these coatings myself?

No, you can’t apply these coatings yourself unless trained professionally as your car’s paint may be affected adversely.

Will it affect the manufacturer’s warranty?

No, it will not affect the manufacturer’s warranty for your vehicle’s paint.

Does it have any warranty?

Yes, Detailing Devils offers different ceramic coating service packages with warranty up to 5* years. Warranty is subject to vehicle paint shine only.

Does warranty cover accidental cases?

No! Accidental damage is not covered under Detailing Devils’ warranty. However, a damaged or repainted part can be coated again with appropriate charges.

How can I claim the warranty?

You can claim warranty at any of the Detailing Devils studio Pan-India by showing your Unique Warranty Code allotted to you after our services.

Can I apply other products like wax or shiners on the ceramic coating?

Yes, you can apply other products on our ceramic coatings. However, this is not suggested as it will void the coating’s warranty. Moreover, wax is applied for paint shine, once the ceramic coating is completed there is no logic in applying wax to the paint as ceramic coating provides a brilliant gloss to it.

What affect will the coating have if I need to get my car repainted?

Our coatings have no adverse effects on the correct repaint procedure. They are completely chemical-free and eco-friendly. However, during repainting the coating has to be removed that will void the coating’s warranty.

Will any of your coatings crack?

No, it will not even during the extreme weather conditions as long as the maintenance instructions are followed properly. Detailing Devils only use approved and tested premium 9H ceramic coatings.

Is your ceramic coating scratch proof ?

No, ceramic coating is not scratch proof, it is scratch resistant up to 70-80% resistance against hairline scratches.

How can I contact Detailing Devils for vehicle coating service?

You can contact us through our contact number or simply visit our website to book your ceramic coating service slot. Our executive will reach you shortly.

How much does it cost?

Each vehicle segment has a different price range. Please contact our executive, specify your vehicle and get an exact quote for free.

Can it be done on vinyl wrapping & paint protection film?

Yes, it can be done but there is simply no point in applying the coating on vinyl or PPF. The ceramic coating is for paint protection not for vinyl protection, it will also be peeled off once you’ll peel off the vinyl.

What are the precautions/maintenance after the coating is done?

As per the instructions by our experts, washing with ceramic shampoo once in a week is required.

What is a maintenance visit and why is it provided?

At the end of the term (from the date of services received), each year a maintenance visit is conducted to inspect the quality of our coating. The diminishing gloss (5-10% due to environmental causes) is corrected. Maintenance will only be provided till warranty lasts for the package you have chosen (1, 3 or 5 years respectively).

Which ceramic coating brand do you use?

Detailing Devils is a Singapore based automobile detailing company. We use premium ingredients and latest technology to manufacture and market our own ceramic coatings.

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