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A vehicle is one of the most important investment one makes during a lifetime.
Right from the day it is manufactured, to the day it is bought and afterwards, it experiences several surface harshness and blemishes that spoil its shine and the paint finish.
To keep its value from depreciating, it needs an advanced protection because the primary layer itself doesn’t have the same level of scratch or stone chip resistance that can save it from getting spoiled. And once inflicted, these imperfections are very stubborn to remove no matter how much you wash the surface.
This is why a tough paint protection coating is required for every vehicle. Choosing the best product to ensure effective and long-lasting protection could be a challenging task as it requires an in-depth knowledge and thorough research to select the best protection coating for cars.
So, after a detailed research and a number of ‘trying-testing’ experiments, Detailing Devils developed their own line of premium nano tech coatings.
These are the best paint protection coatings because

  • They are equipped with 9H hardness (MOHS scale)
  • They are hydrophobic, scratch resistant, mud-repellent and chemical resistant.
  • They are chemical-free
  • They can be applied to painted surfaces, chrome surfaces, wheels, tires, etc.
  • They eliminate the risk of cracking, bubbling, rusting and peeling of paint.
  • Being highly durable, they ensure long-lasting paint protection for years.
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9H Diamond Nano Armor

It is a self levelling cross linking dual layer of two ceramics mixed together to produce 9H hardness (MOHS scale) on the painted surface. It forms a stronger long-lasting protective layer once applied to vehicle’s painted surface to give protection against chemicals, UV rays, color fading, acid rain, oxidation, bird droppings, road grime, corrosion, hard water stains and swirl marks.

Crystal Vision

It is another of our most reliable and advanced car coatings specifically developed for windshields.
It is an exceptional water- repellent coating with hydrophobic properties that doesn’t let water in any of its forms, be it drops or splashes, sustain on the surface. Hence, better vision while driving in rains.

Wheel Nano Armor

Wheel Nano Armor (WNA) is the best protection coat developed for all types of wheels specially alloys specially formulated to withstand heat created by the braking system of vehicles.

In addition to that, it protects wheels against dirt, mud and sludge, with a highly durable protection coat..

Nano Shine Armor

Nano Shine Armor (NSA) is a revolutionary tyre coating that has been specifically developed to restore the black shine of tyres.

Unlike other tyre coatings, it is environmentally safe and silicone free with properties like mud-repellence and permanent adhesion.


Nano Trim Armor (NTA) is a special water based nano coating used to bring back life to faded interiors.

Environmental elements and prolonged use can damage any vehicle, affecting dash trim, and other interior parts like wood panels, doors, etc.
This is not just a cosmetic dressing but protective coating for cars’ interiors. Unlike silicon based coatings, it doesn’t form a temporary adhesion but permanent one so that the interiors do not fade easily and lose their shine.

Fabric Nano Armor

Fabric Nano Armor (FNA) is an industrial nano coat which has been specifically formulated to protect car’s textile surfaces from anti-fouling, stains, water or any other impurities.

The oleophobic feature of FNA protects fabrics from water and oil based stains. And makes them more breathable and extremely durable.

Leather Nano Armor

Leather Nano Armor (LNA) is a protective coating applied to leather surfaces to protect them from water and oil based stains while making them anti-microbial and extremely durable.

Thus, the surface on which it is applied becomes breathable and extremely durable. Leather nano tech armor makes ordinary leather waterproof and easy to maintain.

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